We are the victims of
Whats Happened
Victims Of Satabank
On 20 October 2018 the bank called "SataBank" was closed by the Maltese government, freezing over 15,000 corporate and personal accounts. Thus bringing well over 15,000+ people into a state of despair.
It is the third bank closed in three years (search for "Nemea Bank" and "Pilatus Bank").

The Consequences
Victims Of Satabank
Many companies have been forced to shut down their businesses because of their frozen accounts
and many employees have not been able to receive their salary.
Some citizens ended up penniless and were forced to ask friends and relatives for food and rent.
At the moment, all our money is in the hands of the Maltese government, and we are still awaiting their return.
We will probably spend Christmas unable to buy a present for our children, stressed and worried about our futures.

Some companies have tried not to close but ...
Victims Of Satabank
Satabank was the only bank that approved the opening of company bank accounts
without meeting the absurd requirements for non-Maltese citizens when opening such accounts.
Several companies that resisted the impact of the Satabank closure were met with rejection when they tried to open a bank account at another bank.
Often with the closure cited as a reason despite being able to ask any and all questions about the source of funds etc.
Maltese banks, simply do not open company bank accounts to non-Maltese citizens.
To that effect, they impose requirements outside of European regulation and making successful applications difficult or impossible

We need your help
Victims Of Satabank
We decided to open this site to prevent this story being repeated for other European citizens, and entrepreneurs.
Therefore we have made sure that all the people who, in the last 12 months has thought about working in Malta come to know about the nightmare that we are living.
We're relying solely on the media power of the web to get the message out to as many users as possible.
Thus enabling the European institutions to intervene and help us.

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